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My After Summer Skin Care Routine + $400 Nordstrom Fall Wardrobe Gift Card Giveaway

"That he, in his developed manhood, stood
A little sunburnt by the glare of life."

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning
All products are part of the Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot and/or Eye collections (c/o)
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A couple of years ago, I noticed that my once teenage, early twenties skin was starting to not look quite so youthful anymore.  I had developed some fine lines, wrinkles on my forehead and sun spots on my face.  I rarely wore foundation before, and over the past couple of years I have found myself wearing it almost everyday, or feeling self-conscience without it.  I started trying everything (literally everything) from products you can find in a drug store to other expensive department store creams and serums, plus recommendations from a dermatologist and there wasn't a product that I felt was worth the money until I tried this Vine Vera line.

I first tried Vine Vera just thinking it might help bring some radiance to my skin like I had experienced with some other lines, but after using this product for just two months I found that my wrinkles were actually less visible and the best part...the large sun spot on my cheek that I stare at everyday had faded considerably!  So needless to say I am now a huge advocate of Vine Vera and found it to be one of the only skin care products that were worth every penny!

Here is how I used the products:

#1 I start every morning using the cleansing kit, that includes the toner and the cleanser.  I put the cleanser on a cotton ball and wipe it all over my face (usually 2-4 pumps of cleanser).  Even after washing my face with a drugstore cleanser the night before and taking a shower, the Vine Vera cleanser still gets makeup and residue off that the other two things do not.  That was the first sign to me that this product was good!  Then I follow the cleanser with a pump of toner on a fresh cotton ball.

#2 Next I use the moisture day cream and smooth it with my fingers gently on my face and neck.  This cream is extremely smooth and makes your skin baby soft.  This is also the product that really stays on your face all day and gives the Resveratrol time to work on your skin.

#3 Before applying makeup, I also use the age defying eye serum.  I originally wanted this product for the bags under my eyes, and while I did not notice a huge impact on my bags (probably because they are part of being pregnant and tired), I did notice that the fine lines around my eyes almost disappeared after using this product consistently!

#4 Once or twice a week I also use the peeling refining gel.  If you had to pick only two products from this whole line to purchase, this would be one of them (and the day cream)!  I love this because it gently removes the top layer of skin and immediately makes my skin look fresh and radiant.  Every time I use this I feel like I see my sun spots fade as well.  It is basically like a DIY at home facial.

I hope you get a chance to try these products and be sure to let me know what you think of them!  They are literally my holy grail of skin care.  Also, don't forget to keep reading below for an awesome giveaway!
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Fall has arrived, and to celebrate I've teamed up with these other fabulous bloggers above to bring you an awesome giveaway that will allow one lucky winner to update their wardrobe this season with a $400 e-gift card to Nordstrom!

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My 2 Maternity Wardrobe Staples + Mint Julep Giveaway

"The most interesting information comes from children,
for they tell all they know and then stop."

-Mark Twain
 | Booties: c/o The Mint | Maternity Jeans: H&M | Kimono: SheInside (only $17) | Tee: Nordstrom Rack (sold out-long layering tee for only $12.97 here) | Citrine Necklace: old (almost exact) | White Druzy Necklace: old (almost exact-only $10 here) |

| Photography: Kenzie Dawn | Hair Color/Cut: Britny Ludwig (Utah) |

Two Maternity Staple Items and Why You Should Invest
I love being pregnant, I really do!  If I'm being honest though, I don't feel much of the glow, I mostly feel green and pudgy, so I love clothes that are loose and flattering on my growing belly.  My two favorite maternity must haves right now are long kimonos/cardigans and maternity jeans.  

Kimono/Cardigan Buying Tips
As the weather gets colder, we all reach for jackets and sweaters.  One thing I recommend if you are pregnant is picking up a long, loose kimono and cardigan.  They make outfits look more complete, but the most important thing is...they are flattering on your belly.  They allow the perfectly round bump to peek out, but do not divulge every new lump you don't want seen.  Make sure and look for loose, long, flowing ones.  Skip cardigans, jackets and kimonos that cut off high and fit really tight.  This accentuates your belly (which I don't mind), but it also reveals the love handles, side pudge and any extra weight gain around your mid section.  Long cardigans/kimonos that extend down to or past your thigh also help to hide weight gain in your upper legs (if that's where you find is your problem area).  

Maternity Jeans
As far as jeans go, I was guilty of the hair band around the jeans button trick, but after picking up a pair of maternity jeans and finding out how much more comfortable and flattering they are, I will definitely stick with these for the remainder of my pregnancy!  I love these ones from H&M, because they are affordable, flattering and don't look like maternity jeans.  Most people think I'm just wearing a regular pair of denim.  I found that darker denim was a bit more flattering on my legs and hips, I also recommend buying one size looser if your belly is still small.  They should still be tight enough to fit you now, but allow a little room as you grow.  Make sure and pick tees and tops that extend to at least the hip so you aren't constantly tugging your top down to hide the elastic part of the maternity jeans.

Love these booties?  You can win a $25 e-gift card to www.shopthemint.com so you can get a pair for yourself!  See how to enter below.
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